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Congregation Consulting is a boutique advisory firm founded by Joseph Greenberg, specializing in providing guidance and coaching to houses of worship. With direct, hands-on experience coaching  and managing multiple synagogues, I am familiar with the needs and challenges that face directors, administrators, and staff every day. I can help you develop processes that leverage your available human capital and technology resources, advise on maximizing effectiveness, and train on the management tools you choose. We provide assistance in all aspects of congregation management, including technology implementation (ShulCloud™), email management, financial oversight, marketing, engagement, human resource management, and facilities management.


Helping Those Doing God's Work


Many congregations are tethered to outdated financial frameworks and platforms that were appropriate 20 or more years ago. I can advise on adopting a more modern financial package, and provide guidance on how to set up your financial framework and software to best provide the financial information your congregation needs. As the former primary financial consultant and trainer for the leading synagogue management platform, I can provide expert and detailed recommendations for the optimal way to configure your financial framework.



Your technology platform is critical to enabling efficient management of the congregation, and providing a user-friendly portal through which your members and donors can engage with the congregation. Many congregations are either using platforms originally built 20 years ago that don't leverage modern technology, or not making robust use of their platform. Today's platforms can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the operations of your congregation if fully implemented. As well, moving to a more modern email platform (G-suite or Office 365) can provide substantial improvement in efficiency and communication. I have many years of experience transitioning congregations to new platforms, including data transfer, program setup and operation, and data and operations governance.



Remote training, using conference calling and webinar software, is typically a lower-initial cost solution for congregations. As well, it enables staff to receive training in more manageable chunks. Remote training is typically 60 minutes per session, and can be recorded. One or two remote sessions are often a good introduction prior to on-site training.


I am an experienced trainer on technology solutions and financial software. I have developed curricula and individual courses, and I will tailor training to meet your specific needs, taking into account current knowledge and experience levels. Together, we can identify the most effective use of your staff and financial resources, to ensure that your implementation is as smooth as possible.


On-site training is useful for getting staff up to speed quickly, or for providing in-depth learning to specific staff members. This also ensures that all staff have the same baseline training. Training can be one-on-one instruction, over-the-shoulder coaching with a prespecified list of questions to be addressed, or classroom style. On-site training is available in half-day increments.

Process Consultation


Even if you have moved to a more modern platform, you may still be using processes that were designed to support an older (no longer in use) platform. As well, introducing a new platform requires not only training, but thinking through the most efficient and effective allocation of staff to ensure the modern needs of the congregation are being met. With my background in organizational psychology, I can help you think through new (and more effective) ways of completing day-to-day tasks, and how staff should be allocated to complete those tasks.



Congregation Consulting was started by Joseph Greenberg. My model is one of partnership – I work with you to develop solutions that are achievable and fit your needs. After listening to and understanding your goals, the issues you face, and the context, we will cooperatively identify solutions, alternatives, and potential obstacles to achieving your desired outcomes. I have an advanced degree and over two decades experience in organizational psychology. I have been consulting to congregations on using the most popular synagogue management platform for over six years. I am the only consultant working in the not-for-profit space that has experience working within a house of a worship and for a synagogue software provider. The guidance I provide to my clients reflects a keen understanding of people, organization, technology, and process, particularly in a not-for-profit environment. I invite you to consult with me to find out how I can help you achieve your goals, and support your members and prospects on their journey.

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